Who me?!

The writing/blogging seed was first planted by my epic penis sketching friend, whom I shall refer to as Asshole. Such an endearing pet name for him right. He's inspiring as shit and always gets my wheels turning. One of my forever friends fo sho! This guy is one of a kind I tell ya.

On the very evening I decided this would be my jumping point I was blabbing my face off with S, another forever friend. It was becoming more and more obvious that a blog would be my first step to sharing my truth. If anything this could be a great platform to inspire people to stop being afraid, to do things that make themselves and others uncomfortable, to go against the grain, push the boundaries of what society expects of us and just be in the moment. I often find myself telling people that my goal in life is to keep myself entertained. I do this by making myself laugh and in turn usually the people around me, sometimes at my own expense but it's fun none the less.

I shared my initial reservations with S, unsure if I would potentially be sharing too much of my friends truths through the blog. Basically my only way of keeping any kind of anonymity through this process would be by using aliases but in all likelihood whomever decides to follow my blog and knows me will clue in quite quickly. Maybe this is the risk my friends take in being part of my journey. Lucky for me they are all pretty laid back and throughly enjoy my antics. Guess we'll see how many I keep close through this. I'll keep you posted!

**An exchange with my #1 Asshole