~Enlighten Me!~

You work to consistently walk a line of balance as you witness most blindly going left or right.
It’s when you meet another weaving the same line that your awareness peaks.
Your souls sing the same song.
Your words lay quietly but deeply.
There is meaning and understanding where you never thought you’d find another.
It’s an invigorating and inspiring place of adventure.
Connections are firing and you allow yourself to be free to feel it all.
Exactly where you should be.
An intertwining network of webs keeping you afloat.
A trust is easily built on being open and honest.
A security that is wrapped in a love that just makes sense.
Questions are rarely asked, as there is nothing to lose.
A value and wonder like no other that is effortlessly added to the journey.
The sun shines allowing you to dance within one another’s light.
Yet you are mindful not create shadows of darkness upon one another.
You are not each others to keep yet the universes song of hope.

*Lifting one another to a level no other can