My inner dialogue is out of control.
It throws me into a state of confusion.
Feel it!
Don’t feel it.
Be quiet.
No, yell.
Release all that is within.
I feel weak.
I hate being this person.
It’s a scary place.
I’ve lost control.
I’ve been here before.
The fear holds me down.
I struggle not having another.
A comfort that eludes me.
A simple touch to know I’m not alone.
It’s not about the words you speak,
but the calm you give me.
I can’t allow this to consume me.
Searching for a control over my state of mind.
The first step to being free is to find perspective.
It’s this delusional fucking world that has me spinning.
What’s real?
What’s projected?
Am I seriously in a world of plastic pretending.
It’s so discouraging.
Yet I must accept that this is my current journey.
Exactly where I should be.
A release of words followed by silence.
Peace of mind in all that is around me.
A desire to find likeminded people.
Striving to better themselves.
Fighting for their truth.
A place where we can self succeed.


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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