She is more than you once knew her as🖤

She no longer hid behind the fear others imbedded within her.

She fought to set herself free.

She strived for her truth amongst the rip tides.

She crashed onto the shore of survival.

She was weak and battered yet her inner strength pushed through.

Then you found her, at the beginning of her journey.

You quietly and carefully let her see only what you chose as your truth.

She understood as she saw your truth better than you could.

It soon became clouded and confused with emotions that weren’t anticipated.

It evolved into something you weren’t willing to accept, so you let her go.

Yet deep within she secretly held onto her love for you.

She often wondered if the thought of her would bring you back.

It wasn’t until she was gone that you realized there was more to her than you allowed yourself to feel.

*Is she worth it?

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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