Jokes on ME!

It seems like yesterday when we made a forever commitment to this project, an intention to do all that was in our power to make this successful. A promise to one another, a respect and understanding for our end goal. An underlying love that I was sure would keep us on the same path. At the time it seemed so simple, a dream for all that we could do. Yet it has become blaringly obvious that I was in fact living a fantasy. I was clouded by my overpowering desire to make this work. It slowly started to cave in the day our project was set forth. The pieces soon became almost impossible to fit, defects no longer hidden. You have always claimed that this was your priority, but every time you are given a chance to step up, you bail. At this point it has become increasingly harder to trust you. Even with direct instruction you still choose the easy route, cutting corners, at the expense of our success. I am so fucking sick of dragging you along, begging and pleading for your help, only to be slapped by reality time and time again. I can no longer hope that your selfish existence will cease, as you prove once again that you are only in it to serve your own agenda. You use and abuse your power and it disgusts me the way you yield this as if it is your trophy. It is only natural for my being to take this on as a failure and feel the pain of your betrayal, but I must concentrate on what lays ahead of me. With or without you, I will succeed. Your games of manipulation and control can no longer break me. I release your mind fucks as quickly as you throw away your promises. At this point I can at least be thankful that my influence and guidance outweighs your shit behaviour and overall absence. The reality is that one day you will be held accountable and answers will be demanded. Your true self will show without a word spoken from me.

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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