Bah humbug?!

Did you know I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness?! I mean my parents were at least pretending to be part of the clan. They stopped partaking in the rituals when I was a preteen. I always joked that they became JW’s because they couldn’t afford holidays with 6 kids. Basically my parents were weak as shit and had no community to support them so they were easily persuaded to the evil depths of religion. NO, I do not know much about the cult and have zero desire to entertain the idea of any religion. I recall when I was younger, my girlfriend would tell me that if I didn’t believe in God, I’d go to hell! I think she failed to realize that they were living their own personal hell, being deceived by that bullshit jargon. Anyways, I don’t give two fucks wasting another breath on it. The point of this rant is circling back to the Holidays and how that has formed my ability to appreciate them in a different manner than most. I have zero expectation or desire when it comes to them, therefore the stress and disappointment that rolls out for most is easily bypassed. Monetary things are thrown to the side and forgotten to the best of my abilities. Instead I am able to concentrate on the matters of the heart and what that means to me. The gist of it is being able to enjoy the down time, which usually entails riding solo and doing things I love. Other times I find myself with friends and family, exchanging stories and laughter. It’s all about jamming on connections, with others or myself!

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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