Security of Love

The unexpected always has a way of creeping up on us.

In most circumstances more than not we come crashing down.

We likely get up, brush it off and move on quite quickly.

It’s when we are met with the exceptionally good that truly startles our being, stopping us in our tracks to ponder the feeling of this unknown.

It’s a connection with another or better yet with oneself and the universe which brings an energy that lifts us.

We feel untouchable in those moments, riding out the high for as long as we can.

It’s a vibration that penetrates us to the core, electrifying our whole being.

A state of euphoria that brings ultimate relaxation into the atmosphere that surrounds us.

A comfort like no other, a release to the power of Love.

If one can let go, one can let be, to live and love, as it should be.

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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