Crashing In

Where do they begin?
When do they end?
What is the origin?
How did I find myself here?

In this day
I find discomfort
The darkness seeps in
The questions swirl
The unknown taunts me
Where did this come from?
Go away
Won’t you just let me be

Feel it you say
My mind wanders
Running rampant
On repeat
The thoughts are crashing waves
A push and pull
I start to question it all

My heart aches
The pressure is real
I clench my chest
My breath becomes laboured
The tears swell
My brain begins to throb
A lump develops in my throat
My ears burn
My stomach churns
An urge to vomit
My head becomes light
It’s engulfing my physical body

Release what?
Where the fuck did this come from?
Why is there worry?
I’m losing control
But did I ever have it?
Was it all a delusion?
Boundaries are lost
I take on the world
Their problems are mine to be had
I can’t grasp at the reality
How did I become so clouded?
What direction am I going?
How do I keep losing the path?

Deep breathing
A time to reflect
Appreciating my role
Let go
Let be
Live and Love

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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