Waiting on Changes

Life is too short, too short to let yourself be on repeat, stuck in a loop of bad behaviour. Pathetic really! Why would one choose a life as such, because they are weak. They can’t accept the reality of failure. I’m done with it. I can’t listen to it. I can only speak my truth. You continue to put blame on the other party when YOU are the one choosing to accept it as your reality. I don’t give a fuck and I sure as shit don’t feel sorry for you. It only further justifies why I will never settle for anything less than happiness with another. Sure you can sweat the small things, bickering once and awhile, but when you start fighting over who the other person really is, begging and pleading for them to change, you’re on a path of misery. Get the fuck out already!

I have so much appreciation for my journey as it has finally brought me to a place of awareness to truly know what happiness with another looks like. I can’t be bothered with useless distractions any longer.


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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