Tinder must is a sure bust

The adventures of Tinder never fail to entertain me. Yes this bitch should have known from the get go that this one was going to end up on my blog, haha!

~Meet Fade
We had been chatting for a couple days when I tried to nail him down for a face to face. He said he’d give me a shout after eating but I didn’t hear from him which was no sweat off my back, I never bank on much when it comes to “dating” in general. One would only hope he at least met a cool chick when he was out, cause lets be honest I’d likely bail on a first meeting for a real life interaction any day. He later tells me that he ended up bullshitting with his buddy all night, first red flag being the fact that he was a total flake and could care less. The second was that he claimed he hadn’t switched phone carriers yet as he was from the States. I mentioned WhatsApp but that was also avoided. MP mentioned most people don’t like the app because it shows you when a message is read and some stalkers feed off of that shit, so I let that be as well.

This is where I should give back story to this one. I was initially intrigued to hang out with him because he was the definition of a pretty boy who had “game” oozing from his eyeballs. I could care less where it went as I am more interested in meeting new people to see what their world consists of, where they came from and how they see their lives unfolding. I am also clearly intrigued by the dating aspect as well. With this one I had myself wondering if he was more than a fuck boy who liked working out, hair gel and catching glimpses of himself in every reflective surface? Fade was pretty funny and had just as good of a game as me when it came to cracking sly jokes every chance he could. By this point it would be a week before I’d have a chance to meet him. We shot each other messages off and on through the week, keeping ourselves entertained. We kept it friendly and he made a point in saying he was on there to network, whatever the fuck that meant. Sure I was game, I can network, I ain’t always looking for a fuck boy but a good blog entry will suffice, haha! I found myself chatting with Asshole about this one, as Fade was 8yrs younger than me and I have apparently been jamming on younger guys these days which has never the case in my interim dating life. Asshole and I chatted about the fact that most of these young ones are seeking attention due to low self esteem and little self worth. Don’t get me wrong I think that is the general basis with online dating, desperate attention seeker #1 over here. It’s interesting to me, yet on the other hand it’s boring as fuck and a waste of time. Asshole also made a good point in warning me to be careful with these young ones because a bad dating experience can really fuck up their future relationships which makes total sense, dually noted my wise friend.

Anyways back to Fade! The day rolls around to meeting him and I let him know when I’m free. He shoots me a message at one point saying he’s out and will get at me once he’s home. I go about my usual business and don’t pay much attention to the time. He gets at me sometime after 10 and we start trying to nail down a place to meet. He drags it out for longer than need be and ends up sending me a message saying it’s a bust, so I crack a joke that his networking sucks. He then throws out that he’s still in and that I just need to name the place. He mentions coming my way and tells me to give him a minute and all of a sudden the app goes black and closes. I go back in and start laughing, this fucker unmatched me. SHIT, I’m such a dumb-ass, no fucking wonder, I’m sure this is his MO. Clearly my learning curve is steep when it comes to this still. It only makes sense the more I’m on this useless site, bullshit like that will happen to me. Either way, quite entertaining at that, kudos to this fucker, he got me good! I wonder if he’s just some gross troll, laid out on his bed, messaging chicks, living off EI and food stamps, haha! At one point he mentioned his concern about ending up on my blog and I told him he wouldn’t have to worry as long as he wasn’t a douchebag. Well welcome to your entry Fade, bask in all the glory and keep swiping right for the next sucker. Deuces!


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