All that she is

The moon and stars say their sweet goodbyes to your dreams, leaving you with all that is possible.

The sun slowly wakes, bringing a dim light across the skies, awakening you to another day of adventure and wonder.

The clouds lay low, the fog sweeps the city skyline daring you to see deeper than any other; the sweet reminders of what lays beyond.

The waves crash into the shoreline with a beat and rhythm only your heart feels, shaking you to the core.

The sand crumbles beneath your feet, giving way to the weight of your world, allowing for all of your woes to dissipate.

The birds swoop the skies, whispering a song only for you, beckoning all that is within.

The air wistfully surrenders to only your breath, rejuvenating all that is right.

The world is yours to hold, the universe a destination to be seen.


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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