Second Guessing

Recently I went on a deleting rampage, turfing entries into the trash, which I later regretted.
Here I was feeling extremely uncomfortable sharing my “rage”, disappointment and sadness of what I have I been facing in life.
Being vulnerable is the part of my being that I guard the most.
After coming out of my recent struggle I began to reflect on my posts and started feeling ashamed for unloading.
But isn’t that life?!
The point of my blog is to share all of me and never hold back; the good, the bad and the ugly.
I am human and there is nothing wrong with being who I am in every moment and never holding back out of fear.
When I am in the midst of a struggle my thoughts can be quite negative and interpreted as dark.
It also doesn’t help that the profanity becomes pretty intense and can be read as unbelievably aggressive, but what do I care, it is what it is, this is me, all of me, take it or leave it, work in progress.
Clearly I decided to restore the entries for your intake, enjoy, haha!



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Let go. Let be. Love!

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