For the love of her

All that mattered in life was coming back to myself.
Realizing all the love that I needed was within.
Only I held the power to make myself happy.
Until I could believe in myself how could I ask anybody else to care.
My self worth was little, unable to show vulnerability, an exterior nobody could break.
I refused to show people that I was weak, I fought alone and in turn I was fighting the world.
It wasn’t until I was gifted the privilege of guiding a little human being to her greatest potential that I slowly broke open.
From the first time she entered this world I released years of emotion.
I cried a cry I couldn’t even begin to understand.
It was uncontrollable and foreign.
I cried for the role I was given, and all that she stood for.
I found my purpose in life and it was her.
I could no longer hide, I was given a choice and I chose her.
To be all that I knew how to be for her.
To show her my true authentic self.
It started with her but ends with only me.

I cry with her, I cry for her
I laugh with her, at her and at myself
I dance with her and beside her
I hold her and she holds me just the same
I love all of her, greatness and weakness, mistakes and triumphs, she can do no wrong
This love is pure, untouchable and forever unscathed


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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