She finds Tinder

This new game of dating begins. In it for the entertainment, to see what it will bring. Friends? Sexual release? So be it. An exercise for your thumb, left, left, left, left, left…WAIT, RIGHT! Mmmmhumm, right it is. Game, match, set. Who messages first? She doesn’t wait. She always wants to be first. What witty, off the wall remarks come to mind. Oh Tinder wants to help…

~Meet W!
She says,
“I’m told to insert funny message below…
Looks like your cat thinks your moustache needs a trim or it’s investigating a booger hanging from your nose? You tell me… you can read your cats mind right!!!
That’s just the start of the cheese I serve up, your cat will like me!”
He says,
“Lol you’re cute and funny. Good combo 😉 “
She thinks, oh you want more, I’ll give you more!
She says,
“Do you have other roommates or do you just tolerate 4 legged friends unexpectedly sitting on your face at night… I mean that’s what cats do right? I haven’t had a human roommate for awhile so for all I know that may be a scenario then too?
Sorry I find it really hard to be “serious” on here.
Clearly I like to keep myself entertained!
Laughing at my own jokes are the norm over here.”
He later says,
“What are you into?”
She replies,
“Is it not the best that the first thing that popped into my head was… You!
Sometimes I worry I have the mind of a man! You’ll come to understand my personality and lack of humour 😉 if we ever decide to face one another in this thing we call real life!”

~Meet Z
His profile says,
“I’m a total weirdo.”
His anthem is “Powerful Love.” By Chuck & Mac
She says,
“I adore that you have an anthem and it’s sweet to boot! 😉
Weirdos do me fine, I believe we could be weird together for sure. Most people in my life aren’t too sure if anybody can top my weird though, so I challenge you :D”

~Meet M
His profile says,
“He’s a writer.”
They chat and exchange numbers.
It comes up that she writes and she sends him the link to her blog.
She later realizes he truly is a poetic, soft spoken writer. He clearly ghosts.
HaHa, apparently she should wait before bombarding somebody with her obnoxious blog.

~Meet C
His profile says,
“I’m looking for somebody to teach me how to fold a fitted sheet.”
She says,
“I was once told that life is like trying to fold a fitted sheet. Lets try it out and see where the adventure takes us.”
Lets just say I love yous were out of the way by day two and our wedding date was set within the week. Whirlwind of doing shit differently and being weird while we’re at it. First meeting was random and spontaneous; lucky for the both of us we came out of it alive and intact!

Apparently Tinder isn’t enough for me or so my friends seem to think. They keep telling me to go on other sites but thus far I am resisting. Who am I kidding these pricks just want to live through me and see what kind of shit I get into.

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