She soars the skies of the unknown

She was once lost in the life they chose for her.
They overshadowed all that she could be.
She struggled to find the light.
She searched and continued to fall into the darkness.
What was life to her but all that they cared to share.
The control was powerful and unyielding.
How was she to break free.
Could she face the world alone.
Would she fight to the ends of the earth for all that she deserved.
The skies cleared.
She caught glimpses of her true being.
Breaking from all that she once knew; swimming against the current.
She’s stronger than any other.
She now knows her truth.
Take it or leave it.
Get in or get out.
She won’t be stopped.
Listen and be heard.
All that is right shall set her free.

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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