Life has no boundaries

When the world starts to spin and things aren’t making sense, I become quiet.
If you saw me in public you would not think this to be the case.
I try to the best of my abilities to emit the energy my being so craves and that’s the good energy exchange of others.
When I find myself in a space that is my own I become silent.
I reach out only to you, but how could I ever ask you to be that for me.
I detach and struggle through the darkness on my own.
I am confident I will seek the light yet it seems to take a little more time without you.
To just be with you, in talk or in silence.
To see your face, to know you are near, but you are far, a world away.
I yearn for you.
I release the desire and move through the crashing waves without you.
To another day of light and another night of darkness.

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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