Friends Off

You know that guy you banged then decided it was best to just be friends? Ya that one who doesn’t know when to give up! Dude I was serious, friends ON, so stop randomly texting me inappropriate shit. You’d think they’d get the clue when you literally stop texting every time they do it. I don’t want to cut a friendship off because you can’t figure out how to keep your dick in your pants every time we wanna catch up. Oh you wanna hang out? Hmmm, sorry buddy that ain’t gonna happen as long as there is the slightest inkling that you might flash me at some point in the span of our visit. Friends off!

I know we are sexual beings with deep desires but come on a little bit of self control is all I’m asking for. Do you see me humping every hot persons leg I run into? Well I definitely try not to, but I guess if you considered my fierce flirting skills you may think I was dry humping the air they breath. I jam on that shit but there is a line. It’s fun to put yourself out there, your heart skips a beat and tries to jump out of your chest, the blood rushes from your head, you stumble over words, and you find it almost impossible to look them in the eye as if they are going to see into your soul.

Don’t get me wrong I would consider myself pretty lucky in the friendships I have developed through this process.
You fools know exactly who you are, friends for life!
-B xo


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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