Wanting to Slay Female or Conquer Couple

Confident as fuck and have impeccable hygiene thus sexy as hell in the eye of the beholder. Know how to let loose and be in the moment. Shhhh no talking needed, get out of your head and just feel. Let the sexual energy guide your hands and move your body. Disappointment is never an option, in it to win it, all parties included.

Busy? That’s life… Can’t be bothered to be in a relationship, just looking to have fun when time permits. Want to text constantly and expect a prompt response or one at all? Not gonna happen. It’s all about the in person experience! Laid back, easy going with no major expectations is the only way to approach life, so be it.

I wrote this a few months back after K was sending me ads from Craigslist which I found thoroughly entertaining and funny as hell so I did one for shits and giggles. Clearly I didn’t post this ridiculous ad even after a few of my friends told me I should. Apparently that ad is me???!!!

Last night Magic Pussy asked me to write her an online dating profile. Pretty sure she won’t want me to after she sees this beauty. Who is this bitch kidding, she ain’t gonna find her soulmate with my write up for her.


Looking for my forever, right now. Meet me when the skies go black and my magic pussy glows. I’ll woo the pants right off of you.

Do you have game? As in what can you do with that thing? Make a lasting impression. If I’m still feeling the aftermath of you the next day I’ll likely give ya a holler again. But be sure not to waste my time cause I’ll go fifty shades of fuck you.

Send me a close up, in your face, personalized dick pic and we’ll go from there.

Your new soon to be Magic Pussy, making dicks hard wherever I go!

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Let go. Let be. Love!

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