The Mystery of Her; Unlike Another

When she comes back to herself
She sees all within
She knows no limits

She is the stars
She is the moon
The infinite universe

She is here
She is there
She is nowhere

She soars
She sails
She is within us

She is the mystery
The in between
The never seen

She breaks
She bleeds
She is real

She pleads
She fights
She is unstoppable

She seeks
She speaks
She knows her truth

She listens
She understands
She is quiet

She moves
She grooves
She feels like no other

She comes
She goes
She lives with all

She whispers
She shouts
She will be heard

She pushes
She pulls
She refuses to break

She is open
She is honest
She is as real as it gets

She sees
She feels
She is all knowing

She listens
She speaks
Understanding for all

She beats
She vibes
She is the music within

She is your mystery
Forever to hold
The treasure is her

She is you
You are her
One within

You have her
She has you
Forever all


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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