A Letter to Me

The cruel intentions of others,
In a game to benefit oneself.
You yield so little,
Yet I’m tricked to play my weakest hand.

You are deceitful,
Imbedded within your being.
You refuse to do the work,
Rigid and inflexible.

Forever blaming others,
Never accountable.
Bending rules to suit your views,
Rewarded for work undone.

My nature is to trust,
Forever seeking good.
I conform to your will,
Battered and bruised.

A vicious cycle,
Sick of falling apart.
How to trust your words,
When actions tell otherwise.

Faced with harsh realities,
You’re proven unworthy.
Always wanting more,
Sacrificing all others.

Pain and resentment,
Buried within.
I see it in your eyes,
Just love me again.

Won’t you lull the noise,
And seek the light within.
I plead for what is right,
For all to reap reward.

We once had a cause,
An intention for the future.
Together or apart,
We would fight for what is right.

Life no longer lurks in darkness,
My fear dissipating.
I face reality with conviction,
Determined to find balance.

I forge ahead,
In a world of chaos.
Best intentions put forth,
Sure you will follow.

Our biggest role in life,
To repair one another.
Together again,
With no other.


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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