The Art of Me

I would have never described myself as creative, far from it actually. As I reflect and analyze my being I have come to appreciate that most aspects of my life are indeed creative, some in the simplest form, from my daily spiritual routines, to parenting, work, leisurely activities and the way I interact with people.

The Art of Symmetry*

I love visual things; it’s a certain order and flow that has always pleased my eye. This is why I excel in the visual aspect of my job. It also plays into my compulsive nature in paying attention to detail. I find myself constantly touching things, moving them even in the slightest bit until it sits just right. It’s a pleasure thing; I get this sense of relief and satisfaction when things are as they “should be”.

The Expressive Art of Ones Body*

This shows in my love for yoga, dancing, running and hiking. An appreciation for the way we can move our bodies and conform to shapes all whilst being mindful, feeling each movement as its own, allowing the body to be free.

The Art of Mindfulness and Expression*

I am very aware of my surroundings, constantly absorbing what is happening to further my understanding and appreciation for our state of being. This gives me the unique ability to adapt to a wide range of people and situations with little effort. Anybody that knows me understands that I can be emotionally driven causing me to be my authentic self in every moment, even when my intentions are to hide, I can easily be read. This doesn’t always serve me therefor constant reflection is of the upmost importance to be able to rectify my less than desirable reactions more quickly. This also affords me the ability to better control my thoughts and reactions so they aren’t fully charged with emotion and off kilter. In my efforts to be more aware and mindful I have gained the ability to work through my feelings more quickly so I am less likely to unknowingly project them onto others. This all factors into my love for writing, as I am constantly analyzing and moving through my thoughts and emotions to better understand myself. My honesty and willingness to be open affords others the ability to be more vulnerable in sharing their truth with me, allowing me to form deep connections quite quickly.

The Ultimate Art of Nature*

I have a great appreciation for all that the universe has to offer. Nature is indeed the purest and simplest form of art yet most of us struggle to see it as such, easily bypassing it on a daily basis. If we could only stop and come back to the nature that surrounds us, humankind would be forced to appreciate beauty in a very different light. Our obsession for perfection would cease. Living on the Island has given me the ability to absorb a vast variety of beauty therefor I am more easily able to find balance amidst the societal chaos.

Smash all of that creativity together and you have…

The Art of Ones Soul*

My daily task of living in the moment keeps me aware, mindful and open thus nurturing my soul; my full being. As I reach further enlightenment I find myself more creative than I could have ever dreamed of being.


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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