POF Profile

Headline: Let’s cut the bullshit

Your Fish personality: Free Thinker

Profession: Nurturer

How ambitious are you: Ambitious (WTF is this question about?)

Longest relationship: Over 10 years

Lifestyle: Drinks socially, doesn’t smoke, owns a car, doesn’t do drugs, non-religious

Body Type: Athletic. (I recall asking T and E both what the hell I should put. What a stupid question when the options are Prefer not to say, Thin, Average, Athletic, A few extra pounds, Big & Tall/BBW. Pretty sure they should allow you to type something for this!)

About Me:

Guess my ethnicity I dare you. Wait, don’t bother; “you” are never right. I’m half Filipina!!

Where to start?

If you can’t handle a strong independent woman with her own views you may move on. I refuse to follow you around like a lost puppy; there’s enough of those in the world for your picking, I ain’t the one! Don’t get me wrong, people that meet me would say I’m easy going and fun to be around! I just like to keep things real by being straight forward and honest to avoid games.

I’m not really into this online scene because I’d prefer our first interaction to be face to face; reality is better! So this is me stepping outside of the box because let’s be honest, where in the world do you find Waldo these days??!! He eludes me in my every day life and I’m definitely not looking for him in clubs. Those weirdos, I mean Waldo’s, can have their nattering Nancy’s. 😉

What intrigues me about this site is finding somebody to go on casual dates with. Laid back is my style, no pressure, no expectations, just fun with the opposite sex!

My lifestyle consists of eating healthy-ish, I can let myself enjoy some chocolate; working out/jogging, not obnoxiously; reading, Buddhism books lately; and enjoying a cup of tea with intelligent conversation.

I’ve lived on the Island for 6yrs and call my home paradise! Unfortunately I’ve spent most of my time invested in work, not making time to meet people.Then I had my little and thus far parks and toy stores don’t seem to be the ideal places to meet men.

My goal is to make more time for myself, life’s too short and I want to enjoy some adult company!


Intellectual conversation; Humanity; Dancing like a fool; Music; Good sense of Humour; Somebody who can laugh at themselves; Comedies; Face time over phone time-as in get off of your phone I’m right in front of you; Reality over social media- that’s right I’m only on POF for social media, unreal

Conversation starters:

My first date would consist of easy conversation, food, drinks, a chill evening on the beach!

^^That makes me laugh! So cliche right.


***Bare in mind I wrote this awhile back, haha!


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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