Store full of customers, two associates, one brand new, 5hrs in. I’m stuck on the till but as soon as I’m free, like a pro I make a fast round. I’m now in the midst of helping 4 people and a male gives me the fuck you eyes. Ok asshole here I come, first I shall kill you with kindness but don’t anticipate I’m dropping all others to please you. I zip to the back and quickly make an appearance on the floor again, unloading all that my hands can carry. Of course I intentionally drop to this asshole last. He snatches the shoes out of my hand and beelines to the register. I quickly clean up a mess and catch him out of the corner of my eye, furiously waving his prick at me as if I’m blind as shit. Clearly the world revolves around this asshole as he refuses to grasp the full picture of what is unfolding in front of him. I acknowledge him with a nod and make my way up front. This is where it gets interesting as I’ll only put up with people’s bullshit attitudes for so long. I could give two fucks if you think I should be grovelling at your feet, servicing you. I don’t get paid enough to be treated like an inferior and by you no less. I stay calm and continue smiling my way through the end of the transaction as he cuts me off, scowling and demanding things of me. “Oh you want two bags, one for each pair of shoes?” Fine asshole, this is where I finally give it to him. I throw the receipt towards him and slam the two bags on the counter, mean mugging him at this point. He looks at me stupidly as if he’s dumbfounded that he has to put his own shoes in the bags. I hesitate, waiting for him to say something. Do I walk away and let him be? Nope, I stand in front of him, ignoring him as I go about something on the computer. There’s no way I’d let this piece of shit have the pleasure of seeing me scuttle away, cowering to his will. Oh why so quiet I wonder? Does a taste of your own medicine churn in your stomach?

In an industry where it’s female dominated I find it revolting to see men treat us in such a way. One of the best parts of my job is taking over situations like that, giving it right back. Of course you can get any jerk who decides to take their bad day out on you but more than anything I find it to be the case with men of cultural differences who flat out treat all woman in such a disgusting manner. You bet your ass that I’m the first to volunteer to put them in their place, passive aggressive is my style.

Clearly this specific incident is nothing compared to some of the complete useless human beings I have encountered over the years, the ones who have pushed me to the brink of tears, shaking from exhaustion, ready for utter defeat. Yet as I’ve grown and become more confident and capable I find myself standing taller and prouder than ever, able to deal with the many characters that peruse in and out of my daily life. You’ve seen em, I’ve likely dealt with them face to face. Bring it on!


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Let go. Let be. Love!

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